Small Transformer Lamination

EI Transformer Lamination

The name "EI" transformer is derived from the core shape.

The EI transformer core is consist of "E" and "I" shaped laminations, hence the name EI transformer.

This lamination is filled inside the bobbin on which copper wire winded.

We manufacture all size and shape of lamination.

The laminations are inspected before packing. We offer a wide range of size.

Most of E & I transformer are using transformers

As a coil process center, we have advantage to offer many grades for your suitable use for your end product working equipment and device.

By constant maintain our tooling, we produce low burr lamination which provide good electrical properties of transformer.

• Material: CRNO Sheet

• Sizes: 19 to 171.45

• Thickness: 0.5 MM

• Application: Our customer use it to built-in small sized transformer and electric motor of various kinds of electrical and electronic products.

Lamination Size