Environmental sustainability At Kawarin

Generally, our material is truly cradle-to-cradle recycled material based on material properties and have lower environmental impact.

In environmental sustainable business practices, Kawarin has practice 3R and established recycling program for all significant aspects.

Still in practice today we are extend below 3R and sustainable practices to our supplier and customer.

Commitment and Environmental Policy & Pledge

Our policy and pledge are derived from the commitment set forth by our Managing Director and Assist Managing Director.

They have driven our sustainability efforts and set in motion a process of continual improvement.

Download Environmental Policy

Environmental Pledge

We commit to become a thriving and resilient business by establishing and implementing a sustainability plan that:

     Reduces waste

     Reduce water, air and land pollution

     Optimizes the use of energy and materials

Restricted Materials Compliance



     Conflict Minerals

As a processing center, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that proper certification can be provided at your request.
Please contact our sales representative to request order-specific REACH or RoHS certification, or to request that certification be sent with all future orders.