Commitment to Quality

At Kawarin, Quality Assurance is paramount to Kawarin Enterprise Pte Ltd and make the quality of our products and services our highest priority.

Our quality begins with our exceptional customer service and employee understands our customer expectations is the number one priority.

As ISO 9001:2008 certified, quality assurance is integrated into all processes that guarantee the final product you receive is built to your specifications.

In addition, what makes Kawarin Enterprise Pte Ltd different from other center is the way we approach every order. We re-thinks and re-engineers traditional manufacturing processes and computer-based system to help customers improve product quality, optimize our processes, and therefore reduce selling price

Our motto is: If there is a way to make things better, we will find a way to do even much better.

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Customer Satisfaction

At Kawarin, Customer Satisfaction consists of two main elements.

Re-examine the efforts of individual employees work in every department from a customer perspective and the management commitment to help channel these efforts into quality of work to exceed customer Satisfaction.

In order to truly understand customers' needs, Kawarin believes that seeing our activities objectively through the customer feedback process is essential.

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