Our Company Mission

We are one of the leading processing center for the provision of steel coil, cut sheet and lamination core known for our on-time delivery, reliable and superior quality product & services.

Our Company Vision

Kawarin aims to be the customer's first choice in providing our product and service that drives safe, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable within the steel coil, cut sheet and transformer lamination markets.

The following set of values represent the culture we are creating in order to achieve our vision and accomplish our strategic goals in all stages of our business activities.

Our Company Values

1. Ethics and Integrity  :   We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical behavior. We do the right thing for the right reason, in the right way, every time.

2. Employee  :   We treat each other with fairness, respect and dignity in an environment built on trust.

We encourage problem-solving, communication and employee involvement toward continuous improvement at every level to remain competitive

3. Safety and Environment  :  We value the safety and ensure a safe and healthful work environment. We are committed to maintaining a physically safe facility where everyone is expected to act safely. As a responsible company, we ensure the environmental safety of our products and processes.

4. Service and Quality  :   Providing a high and consistent quality of service and quality is a key to our business success.We provide high-quality products and services through superior operational excellence.

5. Customers  :  Customer satisfaction s the key to survival in our busines. We will provide an exceptional business experience to help our customers win in the marketplace.

6. Shareholders  :   We are committed to a sustainable business model that provides attractive returns to our shareholders.

Our Strategic Direction

Kawarin Enterprise Pte Ltd has reviewed and analyzed key aspects of itself and its stakeholders to determine the strategic direction of the company

Our company strategic goals focus on three strategic directions:

These themes are highly integrated – we cannot succeed in one of these areas without succeeding at all of them.

1st Strategic - Preserve, Protect and save the environmental  :  

We strive to protect the global environment and prevent pollution.

In support of this strategic, we strict:

      - Sharing best practices with all stakeholders and compliance with regulations and other requirements.

      - Acting on the prevention of pollution, the elimination of all forms of waste & use of hazardous substances and manage our resources more efficiently.

2nd Strategic - Customer First  :  

To retain our satisfied customers by provide added value product and service to benefit the customer business operations within their timeframe but at an affordable price.

      Maintain consistency quality and service product and service by ensure competences and resources.

      Focusing our efforts on improving our customers’ satisfaction, we drastically improve our brand equity.

    3rd Strategic - Grow Together  :  

    The success of our company and the value create for our customer, depend on our suppliers great contributions for continue to further create growth together.

    Our intent is to develop long-term relationship with key suppliers that are able to deliver higher customer value, competitiveness & lower cost through mutually beneficial initiatives.